More than just solar.

Energy Management Systems. Since 1975.

We're more than just a solar energy company. We’re a "live cleaner and smarter, and save more while your doing so" company.

Our mission is to help central coast residents achieve energy independence, save money and enrich their lives.

We stand behind our work and our warranties, and have done so since 1975. As more solar companies have gone or are going out of business, it is more important than ever to work with a company that has a proven track record of longevity and service. Solarponics has installed over 5,200 solar energy installations and we stand behind every single install. Always have. Always will.

Energy Systems

Solar Electric Systems

The #1 solar energy company on the central coast since 1975. Voted best solar value and highest-rated solar company. Featuring American-made solar panels.

Battery Storage and Backup

Grid-tied solar battery storage and backup solutions for every need. Solar battery storage saves money and provides peace of mind.

Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED lighting can reduce total energy costs by 30% or more, increase productivity, reduce lighting maintenance, and improve workplace health.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating and pool heat pumps. Our 12-year solar pool heating equipment warranty leads the industry.

Radiant Heating and Cooling

Increase your comfort and save energy. Radiant heating and cooling is healthier, with no air blowing dust around.

Hybrid Water Heating

Hybrid water heating system install, repair, replace. From heat pumps to thermal, solar hot water and heat pumps save money.

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Local Community Involvement

Over 5,000 happy local solar customers since 1975.