The Local Go-To Solar Energy Experts Since 1975


• EXPERIENCE: We've been THE local renewable energy company since 1975. 

• SERVICES: Solar Electric, Solar Water Heating, Solar Pool Heating, Radiant Heating, Service and Installation. Call a roofer for roofing. But call us for renewable energy savings.

• COMPETITIVE: As the only local Amacus CoOp, we receive group purchasing power.

• LOCAL: Local solar company means lower cost of service and installation, while maintaining high standards 

• PIONEERING: Began installing the first generation of solar hot water systems in 1975

• PROVEN: Business of the Year, 2014; Ranked Top Solar Contractor in California for 2014

• INNOVATIVE: We're a renewable solar energy teaching facility with learning center

• COMMITTED: We are still in contact with many of our SLO County customers from 20-30 years ago 

• QUALITY: A+ BBB rating, A+ Angie's List rating and 4-star Guild Quality rating

• RESULTS: We've saved local SLO County residents over $25 million and counting

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Andrew Stewart, Amber Hicks, Lawson Schaller, Roy McKee, Todd Burnett, Kristian Emrich





Our mission is to help Central Coast residents achieve energy independence and enrich their lives. We achieve this with the highest quality service, solar energy products, integrity and respect.

Our commitment is to deliver added value through innovation and education and ensure that Solarponics continues to be the premiere renewable energy solutions provider well into the future. 

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"The communication was excellent, and I appreciated that there was no hard sell whatsoever. It was a very, very pleasant experience from start to finish, and I recommend the daylights out of them." - Cindy Reed, Paso Robles, CA