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Let Solarponics install your solar energy system. We will save you more money. 

More than 4,000 local central coast locals have trusted us to install their solar energy system on their homes and businesses. We will strive exceed your expectations.

Having said that, there are three things that we focus on. 

#1 SOLAR INSTALLATION EXPERTS. Established in 1975 as a solar energy company, Solarponics is the oldest solar energy company in California. Business of the Year, 2014; Ranked Top Solar Contractor in California for 2013, 2014 and 2015. MABCEP certified. 

#2 QUALITY SOLAR ENERGY PRODUCTS. The higher the quality solar components, the greater the savings. Period. We install the highest quality components and get the best prices based on our national co-op buying status. We support American-made manufacturers and businesses.

#3: WE'RE LOCAL SOLAR INSTALLERS. Truly local. We were born in San Luis Obispo and raised in Atascadero. We do not sub contract. All our crews work for us, for complete control of quality, installation and cost. No 800 phone number. Call us at (805) 466-5595. Anytime.

We've saved local San Luis Obispo County residents over $30 million and counting. We know we can save you more money. See for yourself.

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Andrew Stewart, Amber Hicks, Lawson Schaller, Roy McKee, Todd Burnett, Kristian Emrich





Our mission is to help Central Coast residents achieve energy independence, save money and enrich their lives. We achieve this with the highest quality service, solar energy products, integrity and respect.

Our commitment is to deliver added value through innovation and education and ensure that Solarponics continues to be the premiere renewable energy solutions provider well into the future. 

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"The communication was excellent, and I appreciated that there was no hard sell whatsoever. It was a very, very pleasant experience from start to finish, and I recommend the daylights out of them." - Cindy Reed, Paso Robles, CA