Local Solar Company Advantage


We’re Trusted.
We were born in San Luis Obispo and raised in Atascadero. We do not sub-contract. We employ all of our own, local install crews, for complete complete quality control and accountability. You call a local number, not an 800 number, which mens more personal attention and faster service for greater savings.


Most Experienced.
43 years in the solar business and over 5,000 solar installs has taught us what works and what doesn’t. We know every local roof type, every mounting system, every panel manufacturer. And many of our employees have been with us over 10 years. That’s longer than some solar companies have been in business.


Greatest Savings.
Our goal is to help people become more energy independent, save money and enrich their lives. We have long-term relationships with manufacturers and distributors, which means better equipment, which means greater savings. We service all of our own systems, which means fast response, and warranty fulfillment, which means greater uptime, which means greater savings.

Don’t just go solar. Go Solarponics and save more. Call now. (805) 466-5595

Work team

  • Lawson Schaller

    I have been a general contractor and small business owner for over 10 years. During that time, I worked with…

  • Roy McKee

    I've been a business owner, a construction worker, systems manager, programmer, and computer systems software analyst and NASA project production…

  • Michael Emrich

    During the oil embargo in the 1970’s, Mr. Emrich had an epiphany, as many others did. Why do we truck…

  • Amber Hicks

    It brings me great joy to be of service to people. Most of my career has been in customer service.…

  • Todd Burnett

    I began my solar energy journey in 2008 when I joined Solarponics. Coming from the semiconductor industry, there is a…

  • Kristian Emrich

    Kristian took the reins of Solarponics in 2008, with a background in finance and operations. Since serving as vice president,…

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Mission & values

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to help Central Coast residents achieve energy independence, save money and enrich their lives. We achieve this with the highest quality service, products, integrity and respect.

  • Our Commitment

    Our commitment is to be an educational resource for our local communities on renewable energy options and environmental stewardship to lessen our impact on our planet.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is for the Central Coast of California to see resource management systems in and on every building, residential, commercial, industrial, on the central coast; and to be completely energy and water independent with a net-zero resource consumption.

  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy is simple. Be kind. Live local. Work hard. Consume less. Respect others. Make a positive difference every day.