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Solarponics is proud to be a Central Coast Vineyard Team member, and participate in bringing commercial solar energy and environmentally responsible solutions and education to central coast wineries. 



With more than 60 Wineries and vineyards from Santa Barbara to Monterey county now SIP-certified, many winemakers and vineyard managers are re-evaluating how they care for the earth. And a Solarponics solar energy system can have the greatest impact, fiscally and environmentally.




Solarponics designs and installs solar electric and solar hot water systems for commercial wineries and vineyards in San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Barbara Counties. Each vineyard / winery facility has very particular challenges that a properly designed solar electric system can accommodate. Return on Investment and Rate of Return are terms we are avidly familiar with, and one of the first areas of focus and analysis. Call to speak to a solar analyst today. (805) 466-5595.

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With over 3,500 happy customers from Ventura to Monterey, Solarponics is the go-to commercial solar energy company for our local ag community. With the environment and sustainable-energy being of major concern, there is no better time to market your operation as “earth-friendly” and “sustainable,” giving you a clear advantage.With solar panels becoming more and more affordable, solar power is a great investment. 

Solar PV has been proven to deliver an impressive return on investment for many business owners, some experiencing returns on average of 17% and as high as 40%. With 25 years of guaranteed production generation, that's a pretty darn good payback.   

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Ag Operations, Aggregated Net Metering is Here. 

Aggregated Net Metering (also called Meter Aggregation or SB 594) takes advantage of smart meter technology to aggregate or COMBINE electrical loads from multiple meters tied to a single, centralized solar array. Having a “pool” of solar power that can be shared by multiple meters delivers many key benefits. 

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What are the benefits of solar PV for ag operations? 

• Solar use in agriculture operations is achieving average rates of return on investment around 17% and higher.

• If you operate throughout the weekend, as well as the week, the savings that can be made increase by up to 40%.

• Commercial agriculture operations stand to gain the most from Solar PV systems as they typically use a lot of electrical appliances during business/daylight hours. Imagine becoming energy independent.

• Installing solar for agriculture will lower your carbon emissions of your business and demonstrate your green credentials to customers, suppliers and industry.

• A solar energy system creates a great marketing opportunity for your commercial agriculture operation.

• We are moving into a period where reporting our carbon footprint and reducing our emissions has become a key aspect of business for many sectors, especially those looking to build partnerships with suppliers and retailers. With ISO 14001 increasingly becoming a prerequisite for many partnerships, installing a Solar PV system alongside implementing an environmental management plan can make a big difference when it comes to attracting new as well as repeat business. A Solar installation can help you gain an extra competitive advantage in a tough economic climate.

• If you choose to invest in Solar PV on a roof, then it turns 'dead' space into a healthy income. In addition, you gain added roof cooling from the shade of the panels.

• Solar for agriculture is an incredibly secure investment, payments are Government guaranteed through the Feed in Tariff for 20 years.

• The earnings you can make from the Feed in Tariff scheme will repay the cost of the system and help you generate a healthy return on your investment over the lifetime of the system.

• Solar for agriculture solar is a proven, reliable technology. There is zero risk.

• Solar for agriculture will protect your commercial agriculture operation against future energy shortages and price increases.

• Commercial agriculture solar has no moving parts and therefore is extremely reliable, requiring very little maintenance.

• Panels can be installed on east or west facing roofs with only a small reduction in performance.

• Solar PV panels will work as soon as there is radiation. This means that even on a freezing cold winters day as long as there is sunlight, your system will be providing you with energy. Panels do not require direct sunlight to work, they will they will still work in low light conditions.

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