I have been a general contractor and small business owner for over 10 years. During that time, I worked with hundreds of homeowners, bringing experience, insight and solutions into their homes - your home. My small business experience has taught me to take a creative and practical approach to problem solving that makes both logical sense and is personally rewarding.

As a solar analyst my job is to listen to you, assess your needs, lifestyle and then offer various solar options customized for you and your home. I provide objective information that allows you to make an informed investment decision. Our in-house team of design experts then put together a high quality, appropriately sized system to match your identified needs and lifestyle. I get satisfaction from saving people money while conserving resources.

Before approaching Solarponics about employment, I spoke to a number of builders and architects and asked them who they used for solar. Solarponics came out on top. I feel fortunate to be working with a team of experienced solar professionals, brought together in a local, family owned business that happens to be the longest, continually-owned and operated solar company in California. I love the outdoors and believe our daily quality of life is of utmost importance. That is what brought me to the Central Coast. I write a column for a local journal focusing on renewable energy and energy savings and I also volunteer for local non-profit organizations.