I've been a business owner, a construction worker, systems manager, programmer, and computer systems software analyst and NASA project production analysis. In 2001, an opportunity to work at Solarponics presented itself. I'd seen the growth and development of the solar industry and the recognized bright future of solar. Ultimately, my solar energy career path has proven to be extremely rewarding.

By nature, I'm an analyst. I seek to find the right solutions for the people I work with. At Solarponics, my primary responsibility is to gather as much information about my clients needs and desires to provide them with an energy solution that exceeds their expectations. That may include having a small environmental footprint, be aesthetic as possible, save as much money on their utility bills as practical, provide a good return on investment or all of the above. I'm here to provide the best solution possible.

Life does extend beyond Solarponics. Family and faith are of great importance to me. My wife Jan and I love to travel, hike and camp. We love visiting our children, grandchildren and other family throughout California and Oregon. I've been active in my church life and have volunteered in a leadership role for 20+ years. In my spare time, I can be found working in the garden or designing flower arrangements (I also worked as a florist)