Financing Options

Introducing SolarOwn, a SunEdison Program.





SolarOwn Benefits

  • All the savings of a lease, all the benefits of ownership
  • Applying is easy. Approval is fast
  • Quality SunEdison panels
  • Guaranteed power production
  • Full 20-year warranty
  • $0 DOWN, 100% FINANCING
  • You own the system
  • Requires a 680+ credit score

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Who Qualifies?

  • Live within the service territory (Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County)
  • Own a suitable home for solar installation
  • Be current on mortgage payments, no late payments, no foreclosures or bankruptcies

Let Solarponics install SunEdison world-class panels for reliability and guaranteed performance. Let SunEdison provides the financing. The system is fully monitored, proactively identifying any production issues. Like a lease, everything comes with a 20-year warranty. Even the inverters. Like financing, you own the system. The system will continue to perform well beyond your last payment, saving you thousands more than a lease. Get your free quote now!


San Luis Obispo County - Santa Barbara County - Monterey County 











Is a lease good for anyone?

Yes. If you have a low energy bill, have no tax liability, do not plan on moving anytime in the next 10 years and have no other option of purchase, then a lease MAY be better than nothing. Only a qualified solar energy analyst can help you determine that. 

Let Solarponics present you with a simple to understand, clear and concise free proposal showing you how we can save you the most money.

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