Solar Referral Program

Refer a friend to Solarponics and make $525.

Earn $25 for referring a friend to Solarponics and earn another $500 when that customer installs solar. Enter as many referrals as you want. You get paid for each homeowner and your referral gets the best solar energy equipment, install, value and customer service.

How does our Solar Referral Program work?

  • Enter your name and contact info as well as the name and contact info of whom you are referring in the fields below.
  • A Solarponics energy associate will promptly reach out to your referral.
  • You are notified when an appointment is set and payment is due.

Referral Form

All Referral Program rewards are paid when a solar referral appointment is kept, and again when the solar energy referral install project is complete.

  • Solar Electric Referral Rewards: $500 (for every referral, no limit)
  • Solar Water Heating Referral Rewards: $250 (for every referral, no limit)
  • Solar Pool Heating Referral Rewards: $250 (for every referral, no limit)

NOTE: Payments are made to an individual or household who entered the solar referral information and reward payment is issued upon final solar energy system payment of the referee. Your referral payments may be taxable, therefore it is important to consult your tax advisor.  In some cases, a customer that you refer may already be an active entry in our database. If that is the case, we will notify you immediately upon us receiving your referral, and we will honor the referral at 50% of the award level. Referrals MUST be entered through this form or through our Get The Referral app to be verified and valid. Referral claims are not excepted via the referee, or via email, text or phone call.