Radiant Heating

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Imagine stepping out of the shower to a warm tile floor beneath your feet. Experience the ultimate comfort in heating while increasing the health of your living environment. Instead of noisy fans pumping heated air through your home or business, your radiant heating system heats the floor itself, which then radiates heat up into the room. Download "How to Select a Solar Energy Company" .pdf! 

“Hey, Kim. Thank you to Leo and Doug again for me. I appreciated all of their hard work.”  -  Butch Young, Atascadero, CA


Radiant heating is simple, quiet, and super-efficient, saving homeowners significant money on their heating bills. This is because the heat goes directly to where it is most needed. Unlike forced-air, which typically traps hot air at the ceiling, radiant heat from the floor is directly absorbed by your body and your home's walls. Because your skin absorbs radiant heat, it's uniquely comfortable - like the feeling of sun through a window, or a fireplace on a winter's day. Request a quote today!


A radiant heating system is virtually maintenance-free. The tubing we use offers toughness, flexibility and lasting durability. It is corrosion resistant, and withstands temperatures from below freezing to above the boiling point. There are also no vents and ductwork to collect dust and clean. Request a quote today!


Solarponics is the only radiant contractor on California's Central Coast certified for both design and installation by the Radiant Panel Association - your guarantee of expertise, professional quality, and a commitment to staying current with the industry changes through continuing personnel education. Download "How to Select a Solar Energy Company" .pdf!