Solar Electric

By now, you are probable familiar with the advantages and benefits of solar energy. The question remains, however, which solar energy company to choose, and how to pay for the system. 

Solarponics is the go-to solar electric company on the central coast. We employ our own in-house solar energy certified install crews. We have multiple solar financing options available for most every situation. Most importantly, we are the oldest solar energy company in California. We do renewable energy and nothing but renewable energy. We are solar nerds. Solarponics wrote and submitted a resolution to the county board of supervisors to proclaim June 21 as Solar Energy Day in San Luis Obispo County. We will prove to you we are the best solar energy value for a long-lasting, quality solar electric system.

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Solar electric is a highly effective process. Solar electric panels convert sunlight into electricity that can be used by your regular appliances, and is then fed back into the power grid. From here, the power goes to your home or business meter, where, if you generate more power than you use, the meter actually may spin backwards! Essentially, you end up using the utility's power grid as your storage system. This means that you make power during the day, and use your stored excess power at night or on cloudy days, saving you considerable expense in electricity costs. This system ensures you get the most bang for your buck from your solar electric system. Request a quote today!

"Everyone we worked with at Solarponics was exceptional."- Greg Simon, Santa Ynez, CA


Solar electricity systems are in many cases superior to conventional power systems. Not only are they more economical, the operating costs are low because solar electricity needs very little maintenance, very few spare parts, and no fuel. There are no moving parts, so the system has a very long lifetime, and it is virtually maintenance-free. Request a quote today!


“I have been very impressed with your company and the knowledge and expertise of its employees. I look forward to this job and working with you in the future." – Stanley Skinner, Arroyo Grande, CA

Solarponics custom designs your solar electric system to exactly suit your requirement, which allows you to invest exactly according to your needs. Solarponics’ design standards have been tried, tested and improved continually over the last 30+ years. Request a quote today!