Solarponics is the #1 local commercial solar energy company on the central coast. We specializes in solar projects from small retail to large manufacturing facilities. Our team of solar energy designers, engineers and energy specialists work as a team to deliver a commercial solar energy system that will maximize your investment within your utility rate tariff and usage demands.

Commercial solar electric projects include:

Paso Robles Waste Facility • J&J Vineyards, San Miguel • Ambyth Winery, Paso Robles • Pine Street Car Wash, Santa Maria • CJ's Restaruant, Arroyo Grande • Tres Hermanos Winery, Los Olivos • First Presbyterian Church, Templeton • Talley Vineyards, Arroyo Grande • Shoreline Inn, Cayucos • Carhartt Winery, Snata Ynez • Wild Coyote Winery, Paso Robles • Oso Libre Sustainable Winery & Vineyards • Pear Valley Vineyards, Paso Robles

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Why commercial solar is good for your building

Greg Sheppard, chief research officer for PV at market intelligence firm HIS offers his six reasons:

• commercial solar panel rices have dropped enough to be financially advantageous.

• Your business can lock in lower electricity costs.

• Your business can then have more predictable electricity costs.

• You might not need any upfront capital.

• Many utilities need to hit RPS (renewable portfolio standard) goals and, in some cases, lower "peak time" generation costs.

• A commercial solar energy system so can help your company achieve sustainability goals.

Solar PV has been embraced commercially for many years and continues to deliver an impressive return on investment for many business owners, some experiencing returns as high as 17%. With 20 years of guaranteed payments, that becomes a pretty good payback.

To schedule an initial free consultation, call now. (805) 466-5595 or fill out this free consultation form.

Benefit of Solarponics Commercial Solar PV Install

Solarponics has been installing commercial solar energy for central coast businesses for over 30 years.

• Solar PV is achieving average rates of return on investment around 17%, with a much higher return possible.

• If your business operates throughout the weekend, as well as the week, your savings can be up to 40% greater.

• Commercial operations stand to gain the most from solar PV systems as they typically use a lot of electrical appliances during business/daylight hours. Imagine not having to pay all or any of your electricity bills, energy independence with free electricity, sounds great doesn't it?

• As well as opening up marketing and PR opportunities, commercial renewable energy systems are also a good choice financially. This is because businesses often have large available areas to install solar PV panels, enabling them to generate more electricity and increase their earning potential.

• Installing solar PV will lower the carbon emissions of your business and demonstrate your green credentials to customers, suppliers and industry.

• We are moving into a period where reporting our carbon footprint and reducing our emissions has become a key aspect of business for many sectors, especially those looking to build partnerships with suppliers and retailers. With ISO 14001 increasingly becoming a prerequisite for many partnerships, installing a Solar PV system alongside implementing an environmental management plan can make a big difference when it comes to attracting new as well as repeat business. A solar installation can help you gain an extra competitive advantage in a tough economic climate.

• You can use land or roof space on storage or production facilities to generate a second, year-round income stream. This is an easy way of maximizing the value of buildings or underused areas of land.

• If you choose to invest in solar PV on a roof, then it turns 'dead' space into a healthy income.

• Commercial Solar PV is an incredibly secure investment, payments are Government guaranteed through the Feed in Tariff for 20 years.

• The earnings you can make from the Feed in Tariff scheme will repay the cost of the system and help you generate a healthy return on your investment over the lifetime of the scheme. Installing solar PV is not just a good choice environmentally but financiall too.

• Commercial Solar PV is a proven, reliable technology. There is zero risk.

• Commercial Solar PV will protect your business against future energy shortages and price increases.

• The system has no moving parts and therefore is extremely reliable, requiring very little maintenance.

• Solarponics is well versed in county code requirements and commercial utility regulations.

• Solarponics will help you identify commercial financing and rebate options that are available.