Green Home Builders partner with Solarponics

“I just wanted to send out a little note to show how much I appreciate working with your crew. It is a joy to work with such high-grade professionals. On behalf of all of us at Semmes & Co. builders, I just wanted to say “thanks!” Tom Moore - Semmes & Co. Builders

Solarponics works with a wide range of local contractors, architects, designers and energy consultants who consistently request us by name. Energy management systems are quickly becoming a must-have home feature, and Solarponics is the company that contractors trust.

Homebuilders who offer solar panel systems as part of their services will reap the rewards of a faster- selling home. With the environment and sustainable-energy being of major concern, there is no better time to market your homes as “eco-friendly,” and “sustainable,” giving you a clear advantage over other homebuilders.

With solar power becoming more and more affordable, solar power has never been a better investment for the average homebuyer. Homebuyers know that a solar energy systems mean low to no energy bills, as well as increased home value. Keep your customers happy with a home that will save them money for years to come.

California is #1 in New Home Construction with Solar!

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District leads the nation in terms of new homes with solar panels installed during construction. More than 1,000 new energy-producing, energy-saving homes have been added, generating more than 20% of the SMUD energy needs.
– Jul 27, 2012,

Solar Homes in California Sold 20% Faster, and for 17% More, NREL Study Finds

In this 413-page study, by far the most exhaustive and detailed study to date, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that solar homes sold 20% faster, for 17% more than the equivalent non-solar homes, across several subdivisions built by different California builders.

When Shea Homes put solar PV and solar thermal systems on half the homes in a development, all 257 of them sold within a year, two years faster than expected. And while these new houses were priced at $380,000 to $500,000, they sold for as much as $600,000.

The Clarum Homes’ solar homes in the study also sold faster than their “control” homes. The solar homes sold in 23 months, the non-solar, in 28 months. This is a 17% faster home sale for a solar home.

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