Green Home Builders partner with Solarponics

“I just wanted to send out a little note to show how much I appreciate working with your crew. Terry and Mike have always shown up and done their jobs in a very professional mode and attitude. It is a joy to work with such high-grade professionals. On behalf of all of us at Semmes & Co. builders, I just wanted to say “thanks!” Tom Moore - Semmes & Co. Builders

Solarponics works with a wide range of local contractors, architects, designers and energy consultants who consistently request us by name. With well over 5,000 happy customers from Ventura to Monterey, energy management systems are quickly becoming a must-have home feature.

Homebuilders who offer solar panel systems as part of their services will reap the rewards of solar’s increasing popularity for years to come. With the environment and sustainable-energy being of major concern, there is no better time to market your homes as “earth-friendly” and “self-sustaining,” giving you a clear advantage over other homebuilders.

With solar power becoming more and more affordable, solar power has never been a better investment for the average homebuyer. Homebuyers know that a solar energy systems mean low to no energy bills, as well as increased home value. Keep your customers happy with a home that will save them money for years to come.

California is #1 in New Home Construction with Solar!

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District leads the nation in terms of new homes with solar panels installed during construction. More than 1,000 new energy-producing, energy-saving homes have been added, generating more than 20% of the SMUD energy needs.
– Jul 27, 2012,

Solar Homes in California Sold 20% Faster, and for 17% More, NREL Study Finds

In this 413-page study, by far the most exhaustive and detailed study to date, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that solar homes sold 20% faster, for 17% more than the equivalent non-solar homes, across several subdivisions built by different California builders.

When Shea Homes put solar PV and solar thermal systems on half the homes in a development, all 257 of them sold within a year, two years faster than expected. And while these new houses were priced at $380,000 to $500,000, they sold for as much as $600,000.

The Clarum Homes’ solar homes in the study also sold faster than their “control” homes. The solar homes sold in 23 months, the non-solar, in 28 months. This is a 17% faster home sale for a solar home.

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