Home Battery Storage & Backup

You may be eligible for up to 80% off solar PLUS home battery storage install. CALL or CLICK TODAY. (805) 466-5595.

INSTALLATION: Solarponics is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer. We make the proces fast, easy and affordable. Plus, we're local. located in Atascadero, CA.

EMERGENCY POWER: Tesla Powerwall is a home battery with added benefits. When the grid goes down, solar energy will continue to power your home and charge your Powerwall for up to seven continuous days. PEACE OF MIND in any emergency. 

SOLAR SELF-CONSUMPTION: Store excess solar-generated power to your battery for use at a later time, increasing on-site consumption to 100% of self-generated power.

PEAK SHAVING: (coming soon) Peak shaving will  allow a homeowner to shift to battery assisted power consumption when ulility grid energy rates are at their highest, and re-charge the battery when ulility grid energy rates are at their lowest.


• Wall or floor mounted, scalable to 10 Powerwalls

• Indoor or outdoor Placement

• Capacity: DC-13.5 kWh, AC-13.2kWh

• Power: 7 kW peak / 5 kW continuous

• Efficiency: 90% round trip

• Depth of Discharge: 100%

• Warranty: 10 years


“The utilities are really helping battery storage become more affordable with a faster ROI every time they raise time-of-use rates,” declared Solarponics VP Kristian Emrich at a recent Energy Storage Association conference. - The Tesla app portal monitoring shown at left.

Solarponics works with SWELL ENERGY, the leading energy storage financial provider in California, for Tesla Powerwall installations.

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