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That includes battery backup and energy storage.

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Interest in solar installations with storage systems is rising because these systems reduce consumer dependency on utility companies. Thanks to higher production rates and technical advances, costs are sinking fast. Solar storage systems can increase on-site consumption by up to 70 percent. They absorb surplus solar power and pass on the energy as required – expensive grid power is hardly necessary. This makes the systems very attractive for consumer.

The current Net Energy Metering agreement is set to expire in June, 2016. California utilities have already stated that they want to pay homeowners only 10¢/watt for solar energy homeowners produce, then sell the energy back to them at retail rates, which could be as high as 40¢/watt. An on-site battery storage system allows the homeowner to store that solar energy on-site, and use it when they need it (at night, for example). This solution eliminates the need for utility reliance almost entirely.

“Battery storage is a big deal for our industry,” declared SunPower CEO Tom Werner during a keynote address at a recent Energy Storage Association conference. “In the next five years, customers are going to decide what they pay the utility.”

Solarponics currently works with a number of battery storage manufacturers and integration partners. We are installing energy storage systems for the first wave of early adopters. The average payback time depends on the size and use of your system, but will range from 10-12 years. However, it's hard to put a value on the freedom you achieve by being truly energy independent.

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