DIY Solar Kits

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Solar Electric Do-it-yourself Kit

Starts at: $9,000 or approx $5,500 after incentives.

Includes solar panels, inverter and racking equipment.

Not included are wires, roof jacks, roof mounts or any ground mounting equipment.

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Solar Hot Water Do-it-yourself Kit

Starts at: $4,300

Customer may need to purchase extra insulation, glycol, and earthquake strap.

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Solar Pool Heating Do-it-yourself Kit

Starts at: $1,300 for first 100 sq ft of panel and approx $600 for each additional 100 sq ft of panel Includes all necessary parts for panel array.

Does not include mounting hardware or plumbing.

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Call, email or visit our showroom and an energy analyst will help design a DIY kit to suit your needs.

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