More than solar.

We install Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging systems.

There are several types of EV chargers. The plug that comes with most vehicles is typically a Level 1 EV charge connector. It plugs into a standard wall outlet for simple and convenient use. A Level 2 EV charging system can charge up to 7x faster and has many other advantages over the Level 1 charger.

home EV charging station

Home EV charing station. Level 2 systems can charge 7x faster than Level 1.

EV Chargers

Solarponics installs Level 2 EVSE, high power, high quality charging stations ranging from 12 amps to 80 amps. Level 2 chargers can charge up to 7X faster than a Level 1 cordset that comes with most electric vehicles.

Level 2 chargers are outdoor rated, and come with up to 25 feet charging cable. Rebates may be available for EV charging + Solar energy systems. Compatible with all EV vehicles.

Solarponics can size and install an EV charging system for most vehicles for residential and commercial applications. Want a quote for an EV charging system(s)? Call us at (805) 466-5595 or fill out this Contact Form.

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battery storage and EV chargers

Battery storage- EV Charging systems.