Home solar is one of the best home improvement upgrades you can make. I n fact, it is the ONLY home improvement that makes you money.

Home solar should not be an impulse decision, or a decision you make over the phone or with a slick talking salesperson at the hardware store. You should understand the advantages of different payment options, including cash, solar financing, solar leasing, as well as financing programs like Empower, Solarize and PACE.

Then there are levels of efficiency. It's easy for a solar company to inflate the production promise of ta solar electric system for your hot with little recourse. All home solar proposals should include production estimates that are validated through CSI, the California Solar Initiative.   Go informed. Go smart. Go Solarponics. Why?

• Solarponics is a home solar emPower Central Coast  install provider.

• Solarponics is the #1 solar energy installer on the central coast with over 5,000 solar energy installations since 1975.

• We have multiple solar electric financing options available to maximize your savings including green loans, HELOC, PACE and more.

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