Switch to Solar Water Heating and Save.

With solar water heating, you can save energy and money, and help the environment in the following ways:
  • Reduce your water-heating bill by up to 80%.*
  • Pay almost 40% less for a solar water heating system with the PG&E rebate and a tax credit.**
  • Prevent up to 4,000 lbs of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.
  • Invest in the future with systems that can last up to 25 years with little to no maintenance.

*This figure is based on a nationwide average. **Federal tax credit of 30% on remaining balance after PG&E rebate .

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How much does solar water heating cost?

Solar water heating systems pay for themselves in 7-8 year. Typically the up-front cost is $9,000 to $10,000 before rebates and tax credits.

Is solar water heating right for your home?

The average household uses 64 gallons of hot water for daily activities. Activities include cleaning dishes, washing clothes and taking showers or baths. That's 24,000 gallons per year. Every home that uses hot water has the potential save with solar water heating.

Solar water heating uses the sun, which is a free and natural resource. Solar water heating systems are also designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction can benefit the environment for future generations.

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You may also consider a water recirculation pump.

By adding a water re-circulator pump, located at the water heater or at the faucet farthest from the water heater, hot water is circulated through the "cooled" hot water pipes until the water is hot at the faucet. The cool water is circulated back to the water heater via the cold-water line, other than going down the drain during the wait. The energy use of the re-circulation pump is less than operating a 25-watt light bulb.

SAVINGS: Saving 11,461 gallons of water per year adds up to 114,000 gallons of saved water over 10 years (the equivalent of 9 in-ground swimming pools) and $1,600 in energy savings and water savings over 10-years. The added value is in comfort and convenience of hot water on demand.

WHAT DOES IT COST? The average water re-circulation pump costs about $1,200 for proper installation and quality equipment. Addition costs to consider are energy use. The average pump will use about 219kWh per year, costing around $48 (based on a .20¢/kWh rate). We can typically install a water re-circ pump in one day. With an estimated $1,600 lifetime savings, the system pays for itself, and some.

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