Solar Energy Incentives.

Solar energy incentives still include the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit through 2020. Any solar energy tax rebate, incentive or program should be discussed with your tax professional to understand how it may or may not apply to your financial situation. There are rebates available for other energy efficiency systems, including battery storage, solar pool heating, water heating, as well as commercial-project specific incentives. See below for details.

For solar customers and NON-solar customers.

For a limited time, homeowners who installs battery storage are eligible for a state rebate of up to 40%, in addition to the 30% federal tax credit. Example: A Tesla Powerwall 2 costs about $12,500 to purchase the equipment and install. Rebates and tax credits reduce the final out of pocket cost to around $6,500, saving over $6,000. Rebates are running out fast, and are NOT guaranteed. Call today for current rebate status.

What is NEM 2.0?

California regulators voted to change Net Energy Metering regulations for solar energy customers of SCE, PG&E and SDG&E. The new proposal, referred to as NEM2, will add new interconnection costs and impose minimum bill requirements. If you installed solar under the NEM 1.0 rules, you are grandfathered in to that agreement for 20 years.


• All customers who install a solar energy system after July 1, 2016, are under NEM 2 rules. Solar customers will pay a fee called “non-bypassable charges”. This is a fee for being connected to the grid and using the legacy infrastructure. The fee is about $12/month. NEM 2 customers also pay a one-time solar energy connection fee of about $275 at time of inter-connection.

• All solar customers will be required to be on a TOU (Time of Use) schedule.

• During the day, solar customers “sell” excess power generation that they do not immediately use on site to the utility company, and are credited for the kW sent into the grid at the retail rate at the time the excess energy is delivered. Homeowners then “buy” back power they need from the grid at retail rates when their solar array is not producing, such as at night.

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What is the ITC?

The solar energy Investment Tax Credit is a 30% dollar-for-dollar federal tax credit for solar energy system install on residential or commercial properties that congress extended thru 2020.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? 220,000 new solar jobs by 2020. A cut in emissions by 100 million metric tons. $133 billion in new, private-sector investments in the US economy. For the central coast, 100’s of new solar jobs, 20-year potential homeowner savings of over $2 billion.

But don’t wait. every month you postpone adding solar energy to your home or business, you are throwing away good money that you could have invested in renewable energy.

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Buy a new energy-star appliance at Idler’s, then go solar with Solarponics, and be eligible to receive up to a $500 cash rebate toward any Idler’s sales receipt within three months of purchase. Cannot be combined with any other rebate/incentive or offer. Expires 12-31-2017.

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SCE solar water heating rebate


Homeowners who install a solar water heating system are still eligible for the 30% federal tax credit as well as a state rebate of up to $1,500 per install.

The SCE residential solar water heating program has expired.

updated 03-12-17

California still offers rebates for commercial pool projects, such as hotel pools.

Learn more about California Commercial Water Heating Rebates,

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As part of the CSI (California Solar Initiative) Thermal Program, homeowners are eligible for a federal income tax credit of 30% and a state rebate averaging $1,500 on a solar water heating system.

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