Effective 09-15-14

Introducing PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) 


Introducing CaliforniaFIRST, part of the statewide PACE program (Property Assessed Clean Energy), which allows solar energy costs to be repaid they the homeowners property taxes. This is the highly successful lease replacement that we have been waiting for.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE?  Every homeowner in SLO County who is current on their property taxes and mortgage payments. CaliforniaFIRST is the administrator of the PACE program for SLO County.

PERFECT for a homeowner: 

     • who doesn't have cash onhand

     • who doesn't what to finance and take on more debt

     • who wants greater savings than a lease offers

     • who MAY sell their home in the next 20 years

    • Eligible upgrades list - click here



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 Complete list of Payment Options

   • SolarOwn, a SunEdison financing program. SunEdison panels, SMA Inverters, $2.99% financing, includes monitoring and full warranty. Click here for full details.

   • CALIFORNIA FIRST: this highly acclaimed financing option is finally available in SLO County. Cost of solar is paid over a 20-year term through your property taxes for a very low payment and fast, simple approval. No money down. Low payments, no credit checks. Easy to sell the property. Obligation passes seamlessly to new owner.  CLICK HERE for your free quote, or call (805) 466-5595.  

   • MANUFACTURER FINANCING: Kyocera is offering $0 DOWN, 2.99% fixed rate financing. Easy to apply. Fixed rate term. Must have a 680+ credit score. CLICK HERE for your free quote, or call (805) 466-5595.

    • CASH PURCHASE: Allows for 30% federal tax credit. ROR as high as 20%. The best option for maximum savings. CLICK HERE for your free quote, or call (805) 466-5595.

   • GREEN LOANS: Allows for 30% federal tax credit. Interest may be tax deductible. Available with ANY panel manufacturer and equipment. Requires god credit. Higher interest rate than a HELOC, but lower than a lease or unsecured loan. CLICK HERE for your free quote, or call (805) 466-5595.

    • HELOC: Home Equity Lines of Credit: Allows for 30% federal tax credit. Interest may be tax deductible. Current interest rates as low as 3.5% variable. Allows for interest only payments, keeping more money in pocket. Requires good credit and 70% LTV. CLICK HERE for your free quote, or call (805) 466-5595.

   • LEASES: If you have NO tax liability, do NOT plan on selling your home in the next 20 year, and have no other means of paying for a solar energy system, a lease is a viable option. Leases come with a 20 year repayment term, with equipment warranties and possible production warranties.

   • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement): Similar to a lease, but you pre-pay for your power generation.


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Commercial Payment Options

• CaliforniaPACE for Commercial Financing 

The Property Assessed Clean Energy program (PACE), and commonly referred to as Bill AB 811.

    • 100% up front financing for qualified upgrades.

    • PACE assessment stays with the property if it is sold.

    • PACE assessments quality as an operating expense

    • The property does not incur any additional debt

    • Allows projects to be cash flow positive 

    • Security of tax lien: investment-grade credit ratings not needed

    • Preserves capital and credit line for core business investments.

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• Introducing CSI Thermal Rebate

The California Solar Initiative Thermal Program for Commercial Swimming Pool Heating

    • Rebates cover 50% of system costs, or more

    • Includes multi-family residential, commercial, governmental, educational and non-profit

    • Incentives are for gas customers of PG&E.

  • Incentives are for new and existing swimming pools

    • There is no cap on the solar system size

    • Limited funding is available on a first-apply basis. Act now.

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