8 Reasons To Reconsider Home Solar

8 REASONS TO RECONSIDER HOME SOLAR. 1. Rebates: There is still currently a 30% federal tax rebate. Rebates will gradually drop beginning in 2020. 2. Control: Utility companies do not like giving up control of power generation and profits. States are enacting more regulation that is anti-solar. Utilities are adjusting rate schedules to penalize solar users. Those…
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A Healthy Dose Of Sunlight

How much sunlight is healthy? As a kid growing up in Hermosa Beach, California, I really loved summer. I’d spend every waking hour at the beach with friends, surfing or just kicking it on the warm sand. We worshipped summer. When the sun was shining, we were happy. [caption id="attachment_3551" align="alignleft" width="300"] Woman Meditating[/caption] It…
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