9 Reasons Why Right Now Is A Great Time To Go Solar.

May 20, 2020 | Renewable Energy News

Nine Reasons Why NOW Is A Great Time To Go Solar.

1. Lowest Financing Rates EVER!

There are currently some great financing programs that offer $0 down financing, and 18-mo. same-as-cash options with super low interest rates. Even though you won’t save as much as if you pay cash for your energy system, you can finance with no out of pocket, and immediately save 10% to 20% from month one.

This is a no brainer, folks.

2. Bank Deposit Rates SUCK.

Bank deposit rates have been pretty dismal for the pasof mot few years and will continue to be into foreseeable future.

Current CD rates are just over 1% return on investment. If you have money sitting in the bank, earning 1%, you’re LOSING MONEY to inflation.

The payback on a 6kW solar energy system in California is about five years, with an annualized ROI of 14.87%.

3. We’re a Trusted LOCAL Company.
We’ve been serving our communities since 1975. We do the right thing. Always. We won’t artificially inflate your solar estimate, so we can then show you a (made up) $1,000 discount. You’ll get a straightforward, fair quote the first time. No bait and switch. No made-up rebate programs. No hard sell. No B.S.

We believe we can give you the best value, getting you the most for your money. If you just want the cheapest system out there, that’s not us.

4. A Volatile Stock Market.

The market has been all over the place and will most likely remain in turmoil at least through the 2020 Presidential Election this November.

If you are putting money into the market, consider this. No guarantee. No peace of mind. No monthly savings. Certainly no tax credit. That’s for sure. With a solar energy system installed by Solarponics you can have a guaranteed return on investment with a payback in as little as 5 years.

5. Import Tariffs and Global Supply.

Many of the world’s solar components are manufactured China, and China trades with overseas partners primarily in U.S. dollars.

We are anticipating much higher trade tariffs with China, and China is predicting a manufacturing slow-down. All this means rising solar panel costs. For now, solar panel pricing is stable. For now.

6. Buying More Stuff In Such Uncertain Times.
Normally we would agree that we need to stick with necessary purchases. However, purchasing a solar energy system is an investment that SAVES money every month, reducing expenses, hedging energy inflation, and increases your home value. Low solar install prices and the current tax credit mean you will be getting the best value by purchasing today. With $0 down financing, you can save 15% or more each month on your energy bill with no money out of pocket.

7. Paying Electricity Companies (Always) Sucks.
Energy prices are not very likely to fall. In fact, they have risen an average of 5% annually over the last 20 years. Each month you put off installing panels is another month you’re locking yourself into electricity bills that are much higher than they need to be. With solar, the only charges you should see on your energy bill are connection charges, taxes, and fees. There’s no way around paying taxes.

A 6kW solar power system (the average sized California home system) has a payback of about 5.5 years. That’s a savings of over $24,400 over 10 years, and
$71,700 in savings over the 25-year life of the system, and those savings are tax-free.

8. Generous Tax Credit Still Available.
It’s still a bit more than 7 months before the federal solar investment tax credit drops again, to 22%. Procrastination has a bad habit of biting us on the butt. Why put off to tomorrow what can be done today? Claim your 26% solar tax credit in 2020.

9. A Cooties-Free Experience.
Much of the process of getting you a solar quote can occur online or over the phone, and a site visit by a prospective installer doesn’t have to involve that person being inside your home. Even so, all employees get their temperatures checked every morning. When we do come out, we follow all of the recommended health precautions. The same applies on the day of installation – the installers will be on your rooftop for the most part, not in your living room.


It’s a Great Time For A New Quote!
We’d love to get you a new quote, and see how much money we can save you. Ask about the Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup rebates of up to $26,500** on a Powerwall battery backup system!

Call or click for a free solar quote today.
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*The Federal Investment Tax Credit for solar energy MAY be extended by congress.

**The $26,500 rebate is available for qualifying homeowners who live in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Fire Threat District and are on a well for domestic water. ALL other California homeowners qualify for a $2,800 battery rebate.

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