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Oct 1, 2019 | Renewable Energy News

Updated 10-01-2019

Eligibility: The Solarponics (“Company”) Refer A Friend program is open to anyone. A person who refers a friend is hereby called an “Affiliate.” The person that the “Affiliate” refers is called a “Referral.” To successfully register as an “Affiliate”, you must provide accurately, your First Name, Last Name and Valid Email, Phone Number and Mailing Address via the Refer A Friend Captcha Form found at

Once you successfully register as an “Affiliate”, you will be prompted to provide information of your “Referral”, which will include their First Name, Last Name, Valid Email, Phone Number and Mailing Address, some items may be optional, however the more information provided at the time of registration will allow for a timely response from Solarponics.

Solarponics will pay Promotional Rewards to the “Affiliate” for every “Referral” that they have submitted that Solarponics has successfully converted into a sale within 6-months of the referral date. By successfully registering as an “Affiliate” for Solarponics, the “Affiliate” is agreeing to communication with Solarponics via text messaging, email, telephone or other communications methods. All “Affiliates” must submit, via website, the necessary personal information for their referral submission. This includes, but is not limited to the First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Email Address and Mailing Address (some items may be optional) of the referral. The “Referral” may receive an email notifying that they were referred by an “Affiliate” from Solarponics.    

PROMOTIONAL REWARDS: An “Affiliate” is eligible for a Promotional Reward and payment of reward will follow the below: 1) Once the “Referral” becomes an approved contracted customer submitted by the “Affiliate” within 6 Months of the original submission date –  2) Once the approved referral project contract is paid in full.

The “Affiliate” will be asked to complete a W-2 form if payment reward(s) exceed $600 in a given tax year. Promotional reward levels are as follows: Solar Electric, $500 promotional reward for each referral meeting the terms and conditions as outlined;Swimming pool/home water heating system, $300 promotional reward for each referral meeting the terms and conditions as outlined; Battery Backup system, $250 promotional reward for each referral meeting the terms and conditions as outlined; Commercial Solar / LED Lighting, $500 promotional reward for each referral meeting the terms and conditions as outlined. Promotional reward levels are subject to change without notice.

A Referral can only be entered by a single “Affiliate” and will be identified once the referral is submitted and is based on the earliest date and time of the submission. If a duplicate referral is entered, Solarponics will reject the second or duplicate referral. If for some reason, the second or duplicate referral does get registered, Solarponics will only pay one “Affiliate” based on the earliest submission date and time. Solarponics reserves the right to limit or restrict participation in the Refer A Friend Program to any person at any time for any reason. The eligibility of an “Affiliate” shall be determined by Solarponics in its sole discretion. Employees of Solarponics are eligible to become an “Affiliate” and will earn rewards at 50% of the posted reward level for non-employees. Void where any aspect of the Promotional Reward is prohibited, taxed, or otherwise restricted by law or where registration, bonding, local judging or translation is required. The Promotional Reward is subject to all national, state and local laws including applicable tax codes. No substitution or transfer of any of the rewards by “Affiliate” is permitted.

Refer_A_Friend_Terms_Conditions .pdf

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