Composting Is Way Easier Than You Think. Here’s How.

Julian Mackenzie, NRDC.org – With minimal effort, you can turn those banana peels and apple cores into gold. Let us break it down. [caption id="attachment_10979" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 123RF[/caption] If you’re going to ask an environmentalist why you should compost, make sure you have a minute. Darby Hoover, NRDC’s senior resource specialist in the Food and Agriculture program—and…
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North County Businesses are Going Green.

Atascadero, CA – Two north county businesses, Gathering Thrift and Solarponics, are the first two businesses in the north county to get Green Certified through the California Green Business Network (CAGBN). The CAGBN has stepped up its effort to certify more businesses in an attempt to build a greener, more vibrant economy. Being a Certified…
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Solarponics Featured on National Top Solar Contractors List

Atascadero, California, 07-28-20—Solar Power World has recognized the efforts of solar contractors across the United States in its 2020 Solar + Storage Installer List, where local solar installer Solarponics achieved a rank of 25th in the nation. The Top Solar Contractors list is developed each year by Solar Power World to honor the work of solar…
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