8 Reasons To Reconsider Home Solar

8 REASONS TO RECONSIDER HOME SOLAR. 1. Rebates: There is still currently a 30% federal tax rebate. Rebates will gradually drop beginning in 2020. 2. Control: Utility companies do not like giving up control of power generation and profits. States are enacting more regulation that is anti-solar. Utilities are adjusting rate schedules to penalize solar users. Those…
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Energy Investment

Solarponics offers several energy efficiency options other than solar panels. What would you say is the best investment at this time? On the Central Coast we have a variety of options for our home energy fuel source. Propane cost have been rising aggressively so if you are one of the households held captive by propane…
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SoCalGas 2016 Solar Water Heating Rebate

In response to the Aliso Canyon gas leak in southern California, SoCalGas is now offering a 75% rebate on solar water heating systems for SoCalGas customers with a natural gas water heater. That's a $ 9,700 system for $1,633 after rebate and federal tax credit. If you install solar water heating along WITH SOLAR ELECTRIC,…
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