“Free solar energy”: Can you really get free solar panels?

Dec 18, 2020 | Renewable Energy News

Alchemy Solar – Updated October 15

As appealing as “free solar” might sound, it is important to remember that nothing is free!

What do advertisements mean when they say free solar energy?

Sadly, many marketing campaigns are set up to get peoples’ attention even if they are not accurate. When companies say they offer “free solar panels,” usually they are offering a power purchase agreement (PPA) or lease. With both a PPA or a lease, solar panels are installed on a homeowners’ roof and owned by a third party. Because someone besides the homeowner owns the solar energy system, the homeowner does not pay for the solar system. Instead, the homeowner pays the owner of the solar panel system for the power that the solar panel system produces.  LEARN MORE. CLICK HERE.


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