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Solarponics is widely respected within the solar energy industry. We’re the oldest solar company in California, and are member-owners of Amicus, the largest solar energy co-op in the U.S. Our motto? We do the right thing.

Solarponics provides a respectful and safe work environment where each employee is a key member of their team, working toward a common goal, a better product, and a better work environment, a better community.

Competitive pay. Benefits. Paid vacation. A great work environment with awesome workmates in a rewarding, fulfilling industry. Lots of future growth potential.

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Jokes from a solar energy nerd...

“Where do electricians get their supplies? The Ohm Depot.”

Jokes from a solar energy nerd...

“I can’t afford to pay for electricity anymore; these are some dark times.”

Jokes from a solar energy nerd...

“Why did the man eat the light bulb? He was hoping it would give him a bright idea.”

Jokes from a solar energy nerd...

“Why did the light bulb fail his math quiz? He wasn’t too bright.”

Jokes from a solar energy nerd...

“Why did the lights go out? Because they liked each other!