• DIY Solar Kits

    DIY Solar Kits

    Our DIY solar kits are recommended for those with moderate to advanced home repair skills. We will help put together…

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  • Solar Energy

    Solar Energy

    Best Value Residential Solar Installer We are now setting appointments for 2021, under the 22% Investment Solar Tax Credit. This…

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  • Radiant Heating & Cooling

    Radiant Heating & Cooling

    Radiant heating and cooling is quiet, super-efficient, healthy, and saves money. Imagine stepping out of the shower to a warm…

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  • Commercial Solar PLUS Battery Solutions

    Commercial Solar PLUS Battery Solutions

    How Can a Commercial Solar PLUS Battery System Benefit Your Business? Both solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Systems can…

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  • Water Heating

    Water Heating

    Water Resource Management Solutions   Up To $1,000 REBATE - SoCalGas is currently offering up to a $1,000 rebate on…

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  • Wind Energy

    Wind Energy

    Wind Energy Systems Solarponics is the only energy company on the central coast to offer wind energy solutions. Consult with a…

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  • Wildfire Battery Rebate

    Wildfire Battery Rebate

    The SGIP Resiliency Rebate is CLOSED at this time. New rebate applications will be placed on a waitlist and may…

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  • Commercial Solar Energy

    Commercial Solar Energy

    To schedule an initial free consultation, call Todd Burnett, commercial sales at (805) 466-5595 or email todd@solarponics.com. Solarponics commercial solar…

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  • Commercial Pool Heating

    Commercial Pool Heating

    Commercial Pool Heating is a major energy expense. Installing an energy efficient system such as solar pool heating or heat…

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  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump

    Swimming Pool Heat Pump

    Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heating Heat your pool with an environmentally friendly heat pump. Heat pumps use electricity to capture…

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  • Swimming Pool Solutions

    Swimming Pool Solutions

      Solar Pool Heating Heat your swimming pool with solar pool heating. Extend your pool season. Be more comfortabe. Save thousands…

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  • Battery Storage

    Battery Storage

    BATTERY REBATES NOW AVAILABLE. Solarponics is the #1 Tesla Powerwall installer on the Central Coast. $2,800 rebate on ONE Powerwall.…

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