• Commercial Solar Energy

    Commercial Solar Energy

    Solarponics commercial solar energy group specializes in solar projects from small retail 10 kW installs to mid-size manufacturing facilities of up…

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  • New Construction

    New Construction

    Green Home Builders partner with Solarponics “I just wanted to send out a little note to show how much I…

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  • Solar and Heat Pump Pool Heating

    Solar and Heat Pump Pool Heating

    Affordable Solar Pool Heating. Save Money. Swim Longer. Be More Comfortable. Don’t cringe when you climb in your pool or…

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  • Wind Energy

    Wind Energy

    Solarponics is the only energy company on the central coast to offer wind energy solutions. Consult with a wind energy analyst…

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  • Commercial Pool Salt-Water Chlorination

    Commercial Pool Salt-Water Chlorination

    Reduce costs and improve system performance with a Salt-Water Chlorinator system from Solarponics. See and feel the difference. Converting your…

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  • Water Conservation Products

    Water Conservation Products

    Solarponics offers water saving products that perform well, live up to our water conservation expectations, are affordable, and easy to install. Of all…

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  • Commercial Pool Heating

    Commercial Pool Heating

    Commercial Pool Heating is a major energy expense. Installing an energy efficient system such as solar pool heating or heat…

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  • Battery Storage

    Battery Storage

    SAVE UP TO 55% on HOME BATTERY PLUS SOLAR. DO YOU QUALIFY? Are you a homeowner? Do you live in PG&E…

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  • Commercial LED Lighting

    Commercial LED Lighting

    Commercial LED Lighting Solutions deliver improved performance and lower operating costs. Solarponics commercial LED lighting solutions will enhance your image and improve workplace…

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  • Water Heating

    Water Heating

    Reduce your water heating bill. Solar Water Heating: A solar water heater will reduce your water-heating bill and help the environment…

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  • Solar Energy

    Solar Energy

    Best value residential solar installer. • 30% Federal Tax Credit VALID THROUGH 12-31-19 ONLY. • To qualify for the full…

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  • Commercial Solar Water Heating

    Commercial Solar Water Heating

    Commercial Solar Hot Water Heating is a bright business investment. Businesses of all sizes are realizing the benefits of commercial…

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