Commercial Solar Hot Water Heating is a bright business investment.

Businesses of all sizes are realizing the benefits of commercial solar water heating to reduce their ever increasing PG&E bills. With the 30% federal tax credit still available, it's an ideal time to look into solar water heating. Some industries that will benefit most from a commercial solar water heating system include; hotels, craft breweries, laundromats, dry cleaners, restaurants, and more.

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Commercial Solar Water Heating Credits and Rebates

  • Commercial solar water heating qualifies for 5-year acceleration depreciation.
  • In certain instances, it also qualifies for Section 179 deduction.
  • In-house solar engineering team to ensure your commercial solar water heating system generates the most energy savings possible, thus saving you the most.
  • Peace of mind in knowing you just made a wise investment as well as an environmental improvement.

Introducing PACE Commercial Financing

The Property Assessed Clean Energy program (PACE), and commonly referred to as Bill AB 811, is now available that allows businesses to start saving immediately by installing a renewable energy system with ZERO MONEY DOWN, and payment terms that are less than your current energy bill. Plus, PACE financing does not affect your line of credit or other business credit worthiness. Your payments are tied to the property taxes of the commercial address.

Why Commercial Property Owners Like PACE

• 100% up front financing for qualified upgrades.

• The payment obligation for the PACE assessment stays with the property if it is sold.

• PACE assessments quality as an operating expense under most triple-net lease agreements. You can pass the payments and/or savings along to tenants.

• Allows building to finance improvements while incurring no additional debt on a property.

• Projects are cash flow positive from the outset. Interest rates are relatively low and payable over an extended period of time (up to 20 years).

• Security of tax lien allows building owners, who often lack investment-grade credit ratings, to access third party financing for energy upgrades.

• Using property assessments preserves capital and credit line for core business investments.

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