Reduce costs and improve system performance with a Salt-Water Chlorinator system from Solarponics.

See and feel the difference.

Converting your commercial swimming pool from a traditional chlorination system to a salt-water chlorination system is quite simple. A salt-water system delivers reduced maintenance, lowers cost, increases system performance and adds invaluable comfort for your guests. Solarponics commercial pool specialists can help design a system for maximum cost-savings and property benefit.

Easy operation: Choose from one of five sanitizing levels, push the button and you’re done.

Longer Cell Life: Automatic reverse cycling helps prevent scale buildup.

Automation Ready: Our IntelliChlor system seamlessly interfaces with Pentair automation systems.

Convenience: No need to buy, transport and store expensive chlorine compounds.

Single-day install: No fuss. No muss.

No Odor: Eliminates that harsh chlorine smell.

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