• Radiant Heating & Cooling

    Radiant Heating & Cooling

    Radiant heating and cooling is quiet, super-efficient, healthy, and saves money. Imagine stepping out of the shower to a warm…

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  • Battery Storage

    Battery Storage

    SAVE UP TO 50% on HOME BATTERY PLUS SOLAR. DO YOU QUALIFY? Are you a homeowner? Do you live in PG&E…

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  • EV Charger

    EV Charger

    More than solar. The home of the (near) future will have solar that will power the home, charge one or…

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  • New Construction

    New Construction

    Green Home Builders partner with Solarponics “I just wanted to send out a little note to show how much I…

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  • Swimming Pool Salt-Water Chlorinator

    Swimming Pool Salt-Water Chlorinator

    Reduce costs and improve system performance with a salt-water chlorinator system from Solarponics. A salt-water chlorinator is the most convenient…

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  • Water Heating

    Water Heating

    Reduce your water heating bill. Solar Water Heating: A solar water heater will reduce your water-heating bill and help the environment…

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