REBATE PROGRAM: Homeowners in PG&E and SCE territory are eligible for a rebate of up to 30% per Tesla Powerwall PLUS 30% tax credit when installed with solar electric. CLICK HERE to see if you qualify via Swell Energy, our rebate partner.

Tesla Powerwall is battery storage with added benefits. When the grid goes down, solar energy will continue to power your home and charge your Powerwall for up to seven continuous days. PEACE OF MIND in any emergency. 

Not ready for home battery yet? Ask your energy analyst about FUTURE-PROOFING your solar energy system with a home battery rough-in at time of solar energy install. Save time. Save money.


• Touch-Safe

• Floor or Wall Mounted

• Indoor or Outdoor

• Quiet

• Seemless Backup Power

• 7 ContinuousDays Of Power During An Outage

• Warranty: 10 years

Interested in an EV charging station to go with your battery storage? Click here. 

home EV charging system

Electric car charging, closeup look