More than solar.

The home of the (near) future will have solar energy, an EV charger, battery backup, and an energy management system. That's where Solarponics comes in.

Do you drive an EV? Install a Level 2 charging system.

The plug that comes with most vehicles is typically a Level 1 EV charge connector. It plugs into a standard wall outlet for simple and convenient use. Level 1 chargers are very slow, typically delivering only 2-3 miles per hour of charge. A Level 2 EV charging system can charge up to 7x faster and has many other advantages over the Level 1 charger. Save time. Charge faster.

Level 2 Chargers with Install start at $1,200. Install your Level 2 EV Charger at the same time as solar electric install and save money.

home EV charging station

Home EV charging station. Level 2 systems can charge 7x faster than Level 1.

EV Chargers

Solarponics installs Level 2 EVSE, high power, high quality charging stations ranging from 12 amps to 80 amps. Level 2 chargers can charge up to 7X faster than a Level 1 cordset that comes with most electric vehicles.

Level 2 chargers are outdoor rated, and come with up to 25 feet charging cable. Rebates may be available for EV charging + Solar energy systems. Compatible with all EV vehicles.

Solarponics can size and install an EV charging system for most vehicles for residential and commercial applications.

How much electricity does my EV use? Learn how to calculate your EV costs here.

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battery storage and EV chargers

Battery storage- EV Charging systems.