Re-roofing your home? Consider adding solar at the same time. Save time. Save money.

Roof warranties are typically 30 years. A solar energy system warranty is 25 years, so adding the two at the same time makes sense from a warranty point of view and from a savings perspective.

Solarponics works with your roofer. Your roofer adds the necessary roof penetrations that the system is installed at the time of re-roof, saving time and money. Get a free quote. Click here.

Not ready to add solar yet to your new roof?

Don't stress if you can't add solar at the time of your re-roof. Adding solar to an existing roof, or after you have had a new roof installed does not affect the roof warranty. You can still save a little time and money if you plan ahead. Give us a call and we can instruct your roofer on where to add a stub out a conduit flashing for future solar addition. Get a free quote. Click here.

Example of Solar Energy Savings:

Save money with solar