Solar Pool Heating Solutions

A swimming pool solar heating system delivers comfort for as little as $38/year. Get a quote.

There are several options for heating your swimming pool.

• Gas

• Traditional water heater

• Solar thermal water heating panels: Very affordable, efficient, saves money, renewable, but requires roof space. We are a Certified Heliocol Panel Installer. Heliocol solar pool heating panels were used for the summer Olympic swimming pools in Atlanta, Beijing, and Athens. Heliocol swimming pool heating systems start as low as $7,000.

• Heat pump electric heater: A heat pump water heater is up to 70% more efficient than a traditional electric water heater. A heat pumps energy use can be 100% offset via a solar PV system. Reliable. Efficient, renewable.

A swimming pool is a significant investment and should be enjoyed to its fullest. A swimming pool solar heating system will double your swim season in any climate. You wouldn't give up driving your car for several months during the year, why give up swimming in your pool because it's too cold. Get a quote.

Full warranty covers all manufactured parts for 12 years.

• Trouble-free components that are completely resistant to sun, chemicals, and temperature extremes.

• Lower cost of operation and greater efficiency for greater savings.

• Heliocol is ISO 9002, NSF-50, NSF-61 Certified, exceeding even military standards

Heliocol solar pool heating system on the roof of a home

Heliocol is the world's best solar pool heating technology.














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