Swimming Pool Salt-Water Chlorinator


Don't worry about the chlorine shortage. And don't worry about the damaging effects of using chorine.

See and feel the salt-water difference.

A salt-water chlorinator is the most convenient way to keep your pool clean. The salt-water chlorination unit automatically produces a steady stream of pure chlorine to help keep your pool water clean, clear, and free of bacteria and other contaminants. After the chlorine has disinfected your pool, it reverts back into salt and the cycle repeats. What could be easier? Install from $1,600 depending on current equipment condition.

Easy operation: Choose from one of five sanitizing levels, push the button and you’re done.

Longer Cell Life: Automatic reverse cycling helps prevent scale buildup.

Automation Ready: Because the salt cells produce chlorine as needed, the pools require far less maintenance when compared to traditional chlorinated swimming pools.

Convenience: No need to buy, transport and store expensive chlorine compounds.

Single-day install: No fuss. No muss.

No Odor: Eliminates that harsh chlorine smell.

Affordable: For residential and commercial swimming pools.

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