Solarponics is the #1 Tesla Powerwall installer on the Central Coast.

  • $2,800 rebate on ONE Powerwall.
  • $5,600 rebate on TWO Powerwalls.
  • $0 Down financing available (see below).
  • All paperwork, permits, onboarding handled for you.
  • Backup power in any power outage situation.
  • Perfect For: CPAP machine, computers, chargers, garage door opener, refrigerator, security system, lights, and more.


Solarponics installed the first Tesla Powerwall 2 battery system in 2017 and has installed over 200 battery systems since then. We're also a certified Generac installer. So we can recommend the right home or commercial backup system for you and your home or business.

$0 Down Financing Tesla Powerball

  • Available on Powerwall and Powerwall Plus Solar installs.
  • As low as 2.99% interest rate.
  • 18-mo same as cash financing.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • 675+ credit score to qualify.


You may also qualify for a state rebate of up to 20% per home battery backup and storage system, PLUS an additional 26% federal tax credit when installed with solar electric, or with existing solar electric system already installed. The Tesla Powerwall battery cost after rebate and tax incentive is a little over $9,000. Consult your tax professional.

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PG&E warns us that power outages could be the norm for the next 10 years. Be prepared with solar plus home battery backup system. When the grid goes down, a solar plus battery backup system will continue to power your home and charge your Powerwall. Even if we experience days of overcast conditions, a Tesla Powerwall and solar energy system will provide enough emergency power to run a refrigerator, lights, phone chargers, internet, radio, computers (and more) for days. Solar + Battery as low as $169/mo when financed.