Solarponics is the #1 Tesla Powerwall installer on the Central Coast.

  • $1,780 rebate on ONE Powerwall.
  • $3,560 rebate on TWO Powerwalls.
  • $0 Down financing available. Call for details. (805) 466-5595.
  • All paperwork, permits, onboarding handled for you.
  • Backup power in any power outage situation.
  • Perfect For: CPAP machine, computers, chargers, garage door opener, refrigerator, security system, lights, and more.


NOTE: The California SGIP Equity Resiliency Rebate Program (Wildfire Battery Rebate) is closed at this time. The program MAY open up again with more funds in the future. Please consult with your Solarponics energy advisor if you would like to get on the waiting list.

Solarponics installed the first Tesla Powerwall 2 battery system in 2017 and has installed over 200 battery systems since then. We're also a certified Generac installer. So we can recommend the right home or commercial backup system for you and your home or business.

$0 Down Financing Tesla Powerball

  • Available on Powerwall and Powerwall Plus Solar installs.
  • As low as 2.99% interest rate.
  • 18-mo same as cash financing.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • 675+ credit score to qualify.


The Tesla Powerwall battery cost after rebate and tax incentive is a little over $9,000. Consult your tax professional.

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PG&E warns us that power outages could be the norm for the next 10 years. Be prepared with solar plus home battery backup system. When the grid goes down, a solar plus battery backup system will continue to power your home and charge your Powerwall. Even if we experience days of overcast conditions, a Tesla Powerwall and solar energy system will provide enough emergency power to run a refrigerator, lights, phone chargers, internet, radio, computers (and more) for days. Solar + Battery as low as $169/mo when financed.