SoCalGas 2016 Solar Water Heating Rebate

Feb 21, 2016 | Financing

In response to the Aliso Canyon gas leak in southern California, SoCalGas is now offering a 75% rebate on solar water heating systems for SoCalGas customers with a natural gas water heater. That’s a $ 9,700 system for $1,633 after rebate and federal tax credit. If you install solar water heating along WITH SOLAR ELECTRIC, Solarponics will cover the last 25%. That’s a $9,700 system, FOR FREE!

Call today for a free quote. Limited time rebate. Deadline to apply is 10-31.

* Restrictions may apply. Valid for current SoCalGas customer with a natural gas water heater. Valid on installs completed between 05-01-60 and 12-31-16.  Applications must be received by 10-31-16. Homeowner is responsible for payment in full on a solar water heating system when purchased separately. Once installed, the homeowner applies for and receives the 75% SoCalGas Rebate via a check mailed from SoCalGas. If solar water heating is contracted with a solar electric install at same location, Solarponics covers the entire cost of the solar water heating system. The homeowner has no solar water heating payment. Special considerations may apply and may have an additional fee. Solar electric and solar water heating rebate combo must be installed at the same location at the same time. Call today for your FREE QUOTE. (805) 466-5595. SoCalGas is a registered trademark of Sempra Energy. ©2016.

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