Before you refinance, consider solar energy. 

First, a word of caution. We do not recommend a solar energy lease, PPA, or PACE loan for any homeowner who may want to refinance their home, or is considering selling their home in the near future. Learn more. Click here.

Solar energy saves money.

You are considering a refi to lower your monthly mortgage payment, right? So why not consider solar energy to lower or eliminate your energy bill? In most cases, you can finance your solar energy system with $0 out of pocket, with your new solar energy finance payment 15% or more lower than your current bill, saving you money from month one. As energy rates increase, you save even more.  Get A Free Quote.

Adding solar panels can boost your home value.

Adding solar panels could also boost your home value. According to a government-sponsored study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the average sales boost from the average solar panel installation is about $15,000. That means that your solar panels would more or less pay for themselves upon the sale of your home.

Cash out for solar energy.

When refinancing, some homeowners pull cash out in the refinancing to pay for solar. A $15,000 cash-back that goes toward solar energy could save upwards of $60,000 over 25 years. That is savings that can go toward paying off your now lower mortgage loan even faster. Get A Free Quote.