Solar Energy Incentives

We identify and help you take advantage of any incentive and/or rebate that is available. Solarponics also occasionally has internal solar energy incentives and rebates. Your energy analyst will always present you with the best possible current incentive that you are eligible for to save you the most money.

So Cal Gas Customers: SoCalGas has a $600 rebate in play for a number of models of on-demand water heaters.

Solarponics installs the most efficient and cost-effective on-demand water heaters as part of our energy management product portfolio. Call today for a free quote.

To see a partial list of on-demand systems that qualify, visit the SoCalGas website.

The Federal Investment Tax Credit for solar energy is currently 26%.

The Solar Energy Investment Tax Credit is a 26% dollar-for-dollar federal tax credit for solar energy system install on residential or commercial properties that is available through Dec. 31, 2020.

WHO IS IT FOR? The 26% federal tax credit is available to any homeowner in the United States who installs a qualifying solar energy system by December 31, 2020. The 26% federal tax credit also extends to commercial buildings as well.

EXPIRES: The ITC is set to drop at the end of 2020, FROM 26% to 22%. That means for the average 7kW residential solar energy system, a homeowner can save an additional $ 700± just by installing before Dec. 31, 2020.

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For more details, click here. www.seia.org


Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2

Homeowners who install battery storage are eligible for a state rebate of up to $2,700 per Powerwall, in addition to the 26% federal tax credit (when installed with solar electric). Example: Tesla Powerwall costs about $14,900 to purchase the equipment and install. Rebates and tax credits reduce the final out of pocket cost to around $8,600, saving over $6,000. Rebates are available for a limited time. Battery storage rebates are administered by the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). Rebates are tiered, and decline as available funding for the program is depleted. Call today to reserve your rebate.  Click here to request a free quote

Consult your tax professional regarding rebates and tax credits.

Deadline: 02-29-20 (subject to change)

If you have BP Solar Panels, you may be entitled to replacement of the solar panels and/or a new inverter from a Class Action Settlement.

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit about solar panels manufactured by BP Solar International, Inc. (“BP”) between 1999 and early 2007 with an S-type junction box (“Class Panels”). See Question 3, below for a list of affected BP model numbers. The Plaintiffs’ complaint alleges the Class Panels are prone to junction box failures, which could cause burn marks, shattered glass at the junction box, and a potential fire hazard. The Defendants deny these allegations.

If you think you may have the BP solar panels in question, please call Solarponics and we will help you determine if your solar panels are affected and qualify for replacement. (805) 466-5595.

updated 01-02-19

California still offers rebates for commercial pool projects, such as hotel pools.

The California Solar Initiative(CSI) Thermal Program for Commercial Swimming Pool Heating
• Rebates cover 50% of system costs, or more
• Includes multi-family residential, commercial, governmental, educational and non-profit
• Incentives are for gas customers of PG&E.

Learn more about California Commercial Water Heating Rebates,

or call to speak with a Solarponics energy analyst. (805) 466-5595.

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As part of the CSI (California Solar Initiative) Thermal Program, homeowners are eligible for a federal income tax credit of 30% and a state rebate averaging $1,500 on a solar water heating system.

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Solarponics offers discount group pricing to select businesses and their employees.

Call Solarponics and ask if your business is listed on our Employer Partners Discount Program. In many cases, if one or more employee(s) who work at a Partner company install solar, all employee receives a discount of about $400 average per system install (depending on system size), not to exceed $1000 discount per system installed. This discount is in addition to any state and federal rebate or tax incentive.

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Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Your solar energy analyst will present you with the discount, incentive or rebate that will save you the most money, maximizing your investment. Expires 12-31-2019.

$50 to $100 rebate on select Pentair Variable Speed and Flow Pumps.

Limited time offer. Get $100 back on select IntelliFlo and IntelliPro variable speed pumps, including the IntelliFlo and IntelliPro variable speed and flow pumps. Qualifying purchase(s) must be made from and installed by Solarponics between April 1, 2018, and September 30, 2018. Online purchases do not qualify for a rebate. You must redeem within 30 days of purchase to qualify for a $100 Pentair Visa® Prepaid Card. Get $50 back on the popular SuperFlo and SuperMax VS variable speed pumps. Qualifying purchases must be made between April 1, 2018, and September 30, 2018. Must redeem within 30 days of purchase to qualify for a $50 Pentair Visa* Prepaid Card.


Receive one FREE Panel with purchase of your Heliocol Solar Pool Heating System. The best just got better. Heliocol panels allow you to start your summer early and end your summer late. The Summer Savings offer is good for a limited time only, however, the extended swim season is available anytime.

System must be at least 300 square feet. Only available on Heliocol systems purchased between July 1 – August 31, 2018 and installed by September 30, 2018. Your Solarponics energy analyst will fill out and submit all necessary paperwork for your summer incentive FREE Heliocol panel. Call your Solarponics energy analyst for a free quote. (805) 466-5595, or email samantha@solarponics.com.


TWO FREE PANELS SPECIAL: Homeowners who sign a contract for a solar PV system between 05-01-2018 and 06-30-2018, using Solarponics standard stock panels will receive two free solar PV panels with their solar energy install. Minimum installation size is 10 panels, or 2.9 kW (ex: 10 panel system, two of those 10 are free panels). Two free panel discount is deducted after system is sized and designed to the appropriate size for the home and homeowner savings. Installation must be at the homeowners primary residence within our service area. The two free panels will be installed as part of the system. Not valid on current proposals. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Two free panel offer must be approved at time of contract signing. Does not affect a homeowner’s eligibility for the 30% federal tax credit. Solarponics pays the sales tax on the two free panels. No cash equivalent or substitutions. PROGRAM DATES- 05-01-18 thru 06-30-18. Offer expires 06-30-2018. Redemption code: Summer2

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KZOZ Radio Promotion: FREE Smart Thermostat – EXPIRED

Nest E Thermostat

Nest E Thermostat can reduce your heating and cooling cots by 5% to 7%.

KZOZ listeners who install a solar energy system from Solarponics between 01-01-19 thru 03-31-19 and mention they heard us on KZOZ, will receive a free Smart Thermostat such as the Nest E (not installed) upon final install payment.



Not valid on current proposals. Not valid with any other offer or discount. PROGRAM DATES- 01-01-19 thru 03-31-19. Solarponics reserves the right to substitute an offer of equal or greater value. No cash value. Offer expires 03-31-2019. Redemption code: KZOZ

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