Solar in winter? Heck Yea!

Solar panels are powered by light, not heat, so they will continue to produce power all year round. solar in winter

In fact, solar panels can function more efficiently in cold conditions than in hot. This means that your panels will produce more power for each precious hour of sunshine during the short days of winter.

Winter rain and winds do not affect the output of solar panels and can actually help to keep them clean and free of debris. Even on overcast days, solar panels can still produce around a third of their usual output using the daylight that does reach them.

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Why go solar in winter instead of waiting for spring or summer? 



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Nest E Thermostat

Nest E Thermostat can reduce your heating and cooling cots by 5% to 7%.

Atascadero and Paso Robles homeowners: Sign up for solar between Nov. 1, 2018 and Dec. 31, 2018, you'll receive a free Nest E Smart Thermostat (installation not included). Some restrictions apply. Receive your free Nest E Smart Themostat when security deposit is paid. A GREAT EXTRA CHRISTMAS PRESENT that saves energy and keeps on giving year round!

Some restrictions apply. Not valid with any other offer. Not valid on existing contracts. If contract is cancelled, security deposit will be refunded LESS the cost of the Nest Smart Thermostat. Installation of Nest E is not included. Solarponics reserves the right to substitute a product of equal or greater value. No cash value. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2018. Install must be completed by March 29, 2019.