Solar Tariff: What Will It Cost Me, The Consumer?

Jan 25, 2018 | Renewable Energy News

To Our Customers;

The White House has approved and imposed a 30% import tariff on all solar modules manufactured outside of the U.S. The purpose of the tariff is to encourage U.S. manufacturing and create a more level playing field for U.S. companies competing against low-cost imports inside the U.S.

Solarponics expects to be able to maintain current module pricing for the near term. We feature American-made panels manufactured in San Antonio, Texas. We also source panels that will be subject to the 30% tariff. Of the foreign manufacturers that we source from, we have either pre-negotiated a tariff cap on pricing and/or the modules have already seen a price adjustment in anticipation of the tariff. The net result is that the average home solar installation using imported modules is expected to see a 1% price increase for our solar customers on the central coast.

In the past year, Solarponics has also worked diligently on continuing to streamline processes that have lowered install costs while still delivering a superior product. These efficiencies will more than likely offset the anticipated 1% increase that the tariff is expected to add. The net result is no immediate price change to Solaraponics customers.

Solarponics does not expect much of a disruption regarding solar energy projects. We do not expect any jobs lost at Solarponics. We do not expect a slowdown of projects mainly because solar energy still a great value that delivers significant savings. Our mission is to help Central Coast residents achieve energy independence, save money and enrich their lives. We will still be able to accomplish our mission.

Solarponics Team


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