Solarponics: diffused grid turns to batteries

Jul 6, 2020 | Battery Backup, Community Solar News, Renewable Energy News, Solar Energy

by | Nov 1, 2018 |Central Coast Journal

With the shutdown of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant being rolled out through 2025, and the State of California striving to meet 100 percent renewable energy goals by 2045, it’s time to start thinking about personal energy production and storage, not just our use, says Frank Scotti, marketing director at Atascadero-based Solarponics.

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Since this article published in Nov, 2019, another 400 battery storage systems have been installed own SLO County, on pace to install 1,o00 battery systems in 2020. Currently there are approximately 13,000 homes with solar PV in the county. Of those, more than 40% (5,200 homes) could benefit from the addition of a battery storage system. Rising energy costs, public safety outages, and incentives and tax credits have all contributed to the popularity of battery energy storage.

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