Solarworld is a global company with a manufacturing facility in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Hillsboro, Oregon is the site of our Americas headquarters and the location of the largest and most advanced solar photovoltaics production facility in the Western Hemisphere.

In 2016, SolarWorld joined Suniva in a trade dispute claiming that solar panel imports hurt US businesses. This led to a 30% import tariff on solar panels and cells. The actual result is higher prices passed on to the consumer and loss of jobs on a local level as projects are scaled back significanlty.

In addition to this move by SolarWorld, the parent company, SolarWorld Industries GmbH, declared insolvency in 2016. An important omission from the reorganization of SolarWorld AG is SolarWorld Americas, which is based in Hillsboro, Oregon, where it operates the largest crystalline silicon solar factory in the Western Hemisphere. SolarWorld Americas is currently for sale as part of efforts to resolve its parent company’s debts.