Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety

It’s swimming pool season! 
Time to refresh our safety rules. 


  • Assign lifeguard duties –
  • Jump in feet first – no diving –
  • NO NOT leave a child unattended, ever –
  • Teach your child water safety –
  • Take toys out of the pool when not in use –
  • Check pool safety barriers (fencing, gates, covers) –
  • Enforce safety rules –
  • Take a CPR and first aid class (be prepared) –
  • Have rescue equipment on hand, life ring, rescue hook, first aid kit –
  • Do not swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs –
  • Stay away from drains –
  • If a child goes missing, look for him.er in the pool or spa FIRST –
  • Lock up pool chemicals out of sight and reach –
  • no electrical appliances near the poolside –
  • no glass near the poolside –
  • no running on the pool deck

More tips at: https://wapo.st/2ImvOvm

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